Archangel Zaphiel - Calling the Eternal Mother

Myself, as someone who never use to go outside herself for any type of assistance, has taken a liking to angels:) I have been doing a lot of calling on angels, spirit guides, saints, and gods recently. The universe has answered my call for change and I have found myself, (along with my family) in a bit of turmoil. I rarely share turmoil. For I try to be extremely careful about my identity, who I choose to be, and how I look at myself and my life. My turmoil is NOT my life, nor who I truly am. Though, like anyone, I could easily take on that role of victim. Victim of a tumultuous life.

Simply put, and in short, my marriage has come to an end. We have a 3-yr-old... So, what a blessing it was to open my angel book this morning to Archangel Zaphiel.

First of all:

Archangels - leaders, and messengers from God, closely linked in God's glory, manlike in appearance and double-winged, guardians of God's glory, symbolize God's power and mobility.

Archangel Zaphiel (Judaism) whose name means "The Righteousness of God" is the leader of the choir of cherubim; guardians of paradise, attendees to God, and bearers of the throne. Sometimes it's difficult to establish whether an archangel is male or female, but that isn't the case with Zaphiel. She is a maternal spirit ruling Heaven, she is the eternal mother, always there with open arms to receive us in times of need. You can call on her to connect with your own maternal instincts - or whenever you are simply in need of a spiritual hug.

So, I will just cut right to the chase. I think anyone reading this blog would agree I don't need to go into great detail about my personal life right now and all the "stuff" that goes along with it, so here we just go into prayer:) ... take in a nice deep breath and as you exhale join in reading aloud if you'd like.

I am invoking Zaphiel this week for she is an angle of forgiveness. My true identity as I move through this drama is one who forgives. I invoke and am grateful for Zaphiel. I am grateful for her power and guidance. I forgive myself. I forgive all others. Please give me the power to heal my heart. There is no anger, only love.

Now, because I am a mother, I rarely come first. We parents tend to think it's just part of the job... to put our family first. You know that's not true though right? Our identity as humans moving through this matrix of universal energy is really not to put anyone first. But, I digress... My son. My precious 3-year-old boy. This little man who is just trying to figure out how to pee on the potty consistently, how to take his shirt off all by himself, who is learning what IS and is NOT appropriate to say in public, how to treat the animals so that they will want to play with him... is also having to learn to live a daily life without his father. He is struggling. Trying to figure out how to be 3 on top of trying to figure out where the heck dad is every night is a challenge for him... it's a challenge for us all.

So, I opened my angel book today, The Complete Encyclopedia of Angels by Susan Gregg, to Archangel Zaphiel. Zaphiel who, among all her wonderful angelic duties like procuring miracles, changing the weather, creating balance and harmony, has a very soft spot for children. It's kind of a specialty from what I gather. She watches over them and will help them in any way that she can. Whether there are problems at home, school, friends, physical or emotional, Zaphiel is there to watch over and protect them. Even now as I write this blog I imagine Zaphiel wrapping her wings around my little guy and protecting him in a very bright and powerful bubble of love...

This evening as we lay down and go through our bedtime routine, I will be talking to my son of Archangel Zaphiel. And now, not only at this moment as I write, but for the rest of the day, for the rest of the week, Archangel Zaphiel will be with us. I will lay down this evening next to my son, close my eyes and pray. Laying there with my eyes closed, I will first turn inwards, in towards myself and ask for the ability to forgive myself and to forgive all family and loved ones who are going through this mess. I ask for help. Help me to forgive. My heart and my mind are open. I am ready to pray... I pray for my son. If you would like to join in, take a nice deep inhale and on your exhale read aloud.

Archangel Zaphiel, Please protect my child. May God's divine power engulf him in a radiant glow of love and peace. May wings engulf his little body and protect, guide, and free him. I trust that the Universe is giving my son everything he needs. Thank you so much, I am so grateful for you. May God bless you Zaphiel. Love and blessings to you Divine Source. Thank you God. Amen.

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