Archangel Jeremiel, Come Out of the Corner

My Dearest Jeremiel,

I just want to say I am sorry Jeremiel. Through randomness I called upon you, but have done nothing more than let you sit there in the corner. I tried to ignore you but alas, how can I ignore your archangel angelicness seeping in through the lower left of my neck, working your way down my spine in between my shoulder blades. I read a rumor recently and it scared me. It said that you are very strong and that if I choose to call upon you, then I had better be ready. So I have let you sit...over there in your purple toga all aglow. Well, I am here to say, no more! I am ready! And because I like to keep this short for my readers this is where the Harlequin novel ends and we just get down to it:)

I will say on a personal level that it is far too ironic this angel has come into my life, and I did stick him in the corner. He is one of the seven right-hand angels to the Lord God Almighty. His name means 'mercy of God'. He is full of love, and compassion, and peace. He is the angel of hope. Hope and thunder. Thunder! "Only call him in if you're serious", (they said, hahahahaha) meaning when it comes in, it can come in low, fast, and hard! My life is in an Arizona dust devil right now. Just wind and dirt spinning around. If you were to look up Jeremiel in the encyclopedia and see who he helps, my life would be there. It's just too funny I put him in the corner, but I found his frequency a bit intimidating, even though his is exactly what I need right now. Putting all boo-hoo's aside, it is comforting to know that I am not the only one in a whirlwind, so if it is YOU that I am resonating with today, I send to you a great big virtual hug. A little Reiki your way:)

Jeremiel is known for coming to you in your dreams. Whether at night or while zoning out in your car on the drive home. It is important to take note of the subtle things. Those gut feelings that have power yet a calmness. The clarity of life options and directions to go in. Those subtle messages are from God, given to you through Jeremiel. Thank you Jeremiel.

This purplely archangel is the guy who takes you aside to get an inventory on your life (more zoned out moments), see what's working and what can be released. He goes through your life review after you have passed on from this life. So I have concluded that the term/verse, we've all seen it in movies, "May God have mercy on your sooouul". Well, that's just Jeremiel and he does that with everyone.

Moving on to prayer - Take in a nice deep inhale through the nose, sigh it out and let us pray:

Oh, graceful thunderbolt of Jeremiel,

I pray that my life evaluation be timely, change may it be swift and with ease,

Not only for me but for all who is around me.

May my Virgo, Leo, Aquarius (throw yours in there (If you don't know yours, reach out, we'll tell you:)) find stability in my work and relationships.

May my work bring me abundance and security for myself, my family, my friends

I pray that I see life from your eyes, with love and compassion rather than with fear and judgment.

May my heart feel compassion for others, as well as compassion from others.

Jeremiel, thank you for taking care of my body. I pray that my body stays healthy and strong throughout this process of extreme change.

I pray that forgiveness reigns over bitterness. I exhale bitterness and release it from my fingertips...

Everybody, slowly now, nice deep inhale and as you exhale, exhale bitterness from your fingertips. Again inhale, this time exhale like you are blowing through a straw. And now one more time, deep inhale, exhale blow through your straw but also a slight whisper of the word bitterness and send it out/push it out from the diaphragm and through your fingertips...ahhh... feel that? Good! You can do that with anything. If you haven't read my energy blog For You - A Secret to Energy Healing, now would be a great time:) Remember words have frequencies, you gotta push those frequencies and words right out of your body. Now that we've exhaled, let us take a few breaths IN of forgiveness. Inhale deep through the nose and in your mind say the word forgiveness. Sigh it out. Release your shoulders, relax your jaw. Inhale deep "forgiveness" through the nose, open your mouth exhale. Last time inhale deep, sit up straight, and fill up all those spaces that have been created. Forgiveness.

One last nod to Jeremiel... Thank you Jeremiel for being with me here today. Thank you for being easy to invoke in my life. I am ever so grateful for your tender guidance, love, and compassion. Thank you for your motivation and inspiration to attain my highest goals, find inner wisdom, preserve knowledge, and serve others so that I may find my greatest happiness. Amen.

Loving my new angel cards and angel book. Check 'em out!

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