6th Step to Healing - No Wound Wallowing

Updated: Sep 28, 2019

6th Step to Healing Caroline Myss style (a.k.a.) my interpretation:) Quick recap:

1st - What causes you to lose power and where do you feel the loss.

2nd - Keep in mind that you are an energy being as well as a physical being. Mind what you think for. Every thought creates a physical reaction, every time.

3rd - Body scan every day. Quick little check-in on body and energy centers.

4th - Consciously stop the leaks, breathe. Don't think, just breathe.

5th - Learn what, not who drains your power.

And now to the 6th Step to Healing (take in mind this is all someone else's perspective and interpretation of a perspective:) - No dwelling. Become aware of where you are losing power, but no dwelling. Your goal, your “energy” concentration, is to empower energy centers and give yourself the intention and frequency of Already Healed. The story behind the energy leak is not what’s important. The story is crap. Leave the crap behind. It prolongs the process of Already Healed. So 6th Step, recognize what energy center is leaking power and from there do whatever is necessary to heal. Whatever is necessary according to you. Medicine, tofu, mountain tops, whatever you need. What you don’t want to do is become a “life student” of healing. The people who after 20 years of college and are still full-time students, never using one of their many degrees lol. Don’t do that. The point is to move through the wound, not wallow in it. Don’t be a victim of your circumstances. Spending too much time as a victim becomes an illness in itself. I often run into people who have an addiction to healing. They believe that healing takes a long time, when healing can, in fact, be instantaneous.

Myia and I use this video when we need a good laugh and when we need to "Stop It!!"

We here at In One’s Element make our living off of helping others to heal their energy. If you would like a little nudge on your path of healing, spending to much time wallowing perhaps, give us a shout. We do hands-on and distant Reiki healing and clinical hypnotherapy. We are here to help. It’s what we do:)

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