5th Step to Healing

5th Step to Healing Caroline Myss - My Interpretation:) So the 4th Step to Healing was to body scan. Go through your energy centers, go through your physical body and notice any leaks. Stop the leak and breathe into those areas. Maybe visualize color. Create the frequency of healed. 5th Step - It’s not who you are leaking power to, but what. Don’t shoot the messenger. It’s not what happening it’s your reaction to what’s happening. You want things to change? Start with your perception. Nobody is doing anything to you, except you. People talk about lessons, and teachers. I think of them as reminders. We don’t need to learn anything, we already know all of it. The trick is to remember who we truly are. The frequency of your truth (the real higher-self you) is a mighty powerful one, and with that power, you can manifest whatever… love, understanding, compassion, calm. Before you react, think “What would Jesus do?!?! Or what would your higher-self do in this situation? Law of Attraction, you get what you think for. Stop hitting the repeat button with relationships, work, self-loathing… realize, recognize, and move on.

We offer hands-on and distant Reiki. Let us give you a little nudge from behind and onto the path of healing.


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