4th Step to Healing

Step 4 to Healing Caroline Myss - 'When an energy leak is noticed, focus only on the essentials that can help you recover your energy.'

When giving power to something and you feel it energetically, intuitively, or physically focus on only the essentials that can help you cut off the flow and rebuild. If you are one who gets stuck on noticing the aches and pains of your body and seems to ache and pain frequently, try to look beyond the physical. Knee pain? (any pain, pick a spot) Imagine your knee. Imagine your knee encircled by wonderful beautiful energy. And now imagine some of that energy is streaming off. Heading off somewhere. A little leak so to speak. Some little cord holding on to something. Where is it going you might ask? Well, it doesn’t matter where it’s going! That's still to come. Stop the Flow. Stay Essential. Stay in the moment and simply imagine the energy being cut off like the flow of water and suddenly the water has hit a wall, a dam, and begins to backflow. The energy comes back into your knee into your body travels down your leg and towards your foot and the Earth. Bring the energy back to your body, first. Stop the leaks. Overthinking things and over-analyzing all the reasons for the leaks can actually make it worse by the Law of Attraction alone. So when healing, STAY ESSENTIAL. Leave all the crap out of it. Just focus on colors, breath and imagination/intention. See yourself healing and create the emotion and frequency that occurs, How Do You Feel? when you are healthy. Try that:)

Like usual a little reminder that we here at In One’s Element make our living off of helping others to heal their energy. If you would like a little nudge on your path of healing, give us a shout. We do hands-on and distant Reiki healing. We are here to help. It’s what we do:)

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