3rd Step to Healing

Step 3 to Healing (according to Caroline Myss) Start scanning your energy centers every day. Look to the chart. Take a few moments every day to be present with each power center. Notice if you feel a drain, and then intend for those areas to be strong, powerful, loving, and flowing. Become as familiar with your energy centers as you are with the hair on your head. Soon you will know how each one feels, including the feeling when something is askew. Begin to recognize the moment there is a glitch or a breach in any center giving yourself the opportunity to put the kibosh on it before it grows. In the morning before getting out of bed, or when you climb in at the end of the day. Maybe sit now at your desk, or in your car at lunch and simply lay your hands over each center, imagine the color in your head that’s on the chart, take a few breaths and move on. Beginning energy healing 101 lol:)

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