2nd Step to Healing

Caroline Myss believes the second step to healing is remembering that you are not just a physical body but an energy body. Every thought and emotion you have becomes intertwined in the physical. Every thought you have creates a hormonal reaction in your body. Your biography becomes your biology. Not only is there a reaction created in your body, but every cell remembers every thought, emotion, knee-jerk reaction...it is all documented and stored. Like muscle memory, your body will actually begin to respond hormonally, to sounds and sights before you even have a thought. So take note of your routine perspectives and conduct to life. Notice how you respond. Notice criticism and judgments. Notice how your body and energy are feeling with the thoughts you have. Many times we don't realize how biologically toxic our attitudes and behaviors are until dis-ease sets in. Let go of old thought patterns that do not serve you. Be open and tolerant for the sake of your own health:)

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