1st Step to Healing

Oak Creek Canyon, Sedona is my happy healing place where I breathe. According to Caroline Myss, and I happen to agree, when healing First and Foremost observe what causes you to lose power. How is not only your mind but spirit and body reacting? Where do you feel the loss? Evaluate the spiritual and biological activity that occurs when you are losing your power. For me, I stop breathing. My mind will be going and going but then I realize I'm holding my breath. I have no freakin idea how I've made it this long without taking full breaths lol. When I'm in Oak Creek I breathe:) I am learning to recognize when I'm not breathing, what has taken away my breath, and unplug the cord connected. Unplugging can be instantaneous. You may need to keep going back and unplugging for a time:) but notice the emotion of freedom from unplugging and keep going back to the frequency of freedom❤

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