Overnight Retreat

Join us for a fun-filled, girls night out.  Our overnight retreat is more like a slumber party, grown-up girl style.  We will have tarot and oracle readings, snacks, beverages (yes there will be wine!) as well as teaching you how to do self-Reiki using simple techniques to help you release and balance energy on your own.  The following morning we have a final Reiki and Guided Imagery session as well as breakfast before you depart and go about your weekend!

This month's overnight retreat will follow our Throat Chakra Reiki and Guided Imagery from our Chakra Series class.  You may attend this class prior to the overnight retreat but it is not required.  However, if you do plan on attending both the overnight and the Throat Chakra make sure to register for each individually. 

August 23rd - 24th 8:30 PM

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