Intro to Energy Healing


Be your own healer - learn the foundations of energy healing for everyday life.

Saturday, August 8th 9:00 am to 5:00 pm

Goodyear, AZ - Max 8 Participants

About the Workshop

Jennifer and Myia will teach this full-day class, jumping into using energy for healing on a daily basis. With a limited space of 8 participants, this will be an intimate, hands-on experience.


We will learn how easy it is to tap into universal energy for better health of mind, body, and spirit, bringing overall clarity, balance, and peace to the whole system. Once learned, this cannot be forgotten. We teach ancient techniques and tools alongside modern scientific understandings of how vibration, frequency, and thought affect us on a daily basis.

What's in the Workshop

In this foundational workshop, this is where the first basic steps to understanding, feeling, and moving energy will be learned. Important to working with energy, we will go over grounding the energy, protocols for self healing, breath work, the beginnings of clearing stagnant energy, working with the system's seven main chakras, and sealing up/protecting the energy bubble.

Tentative Schedule:

9am - Introductions 

9:30 - Grounding 

10:00 - Channeling Energy with Breath and Focus

11:00 - Journey into Reiki with Guided Imagery 

12:00- Lunch (bring your own)

1:00 - Chakras, Self Healing, and Intentions

1:45 - Group Energy Work 

2:30pm - One-On-One Energy Sessions with Partners 

4:30 - Final Thoughts

A Stepping Stone...

Learn More & Become Certified in Reiki

This is an introductory class designed as a part of the In One's Element Energy Healing Certification Program. Once this class is completed, you may move on towards certification in Energy Healing and Reiki through In One's Element. The full program can be done in stages through weekend classes or one-on-one through our mentorship program. The classes we offer as as follows:


  1. Intro to Energy Healing - 1-day workshop

  2. Reiki Level I - 1-day workshop

  3. Reiki Level II - 2-day Workshop

  4. Reiki Master Teacher Level III - 2-day Workshop

  5. Reiki Master Teacher Level III: Frequencies, Sound Healing, & Tuning Forks 2-day Workshop

    Option for Massage Therapists Reiki Level II and Above: Integrating Reiki and Massage - Two 4 hour one-on-one mentorship sessions with Jennifer


Please reach out with any questions!


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