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Hypnotherapy & Integrative Healing


Hypnotherapy is a highly relaxing experience where the body and mind are focused in order to reach deeper states of consciousness. It has been likened to deep meditation and lucid dreaming - states where our neuropathways (the patterns formed in our brains) are allowed to be rewired and our bodies begin the process of repair. If you are able to imagine or envision easily, hypnotherapy will come easily for you, but anyone can benefit as it can be adjusted to your dominant style of sensory input.

Through sessions we will work to reconnect you to your self-awareness and release mental, emotional, and physical blockages. We will also work to create an internal environment conducive to your highest mental, emotional, and physical healing and well-being. Learn to let go of the barriers of your inner self and propel yourself towards a better state of living.

Examples of things hypnotherapy can work with (just a few):




habit or lifestyle

stress, anxiety, & depression

chronic pain or illness

fears and phobias

big life changes

unresolved emotions

connection to spiritual guidance, ancestors, and/or higher self

life path and purpose

creating the life you envision

energy aligning and cleansing

recurring dreams/dream exploration

cord cutting/attachment release (recommended combined with energy healing)

Hypnotherapy Session | 1 Hour | $125

Sound and Intention Therapy

1 Hour | $125

Sound and frequency can be a very powerful method for self-healing, and science shows that no sound is more powerful for healing than the human voice. This is an interactive session that focuses on aligning the chakra centers and creating a higher energetic vibration through guided chanting for the energy centers, as well as the use of personal mantras we will develop, and the use of some instruments. This session may also include the use of EFT (tapping) where the meridian points are activated and cleared.


Shamanic Journey Sessions

Ancient and modern cultures have been using deeper states of consciousness, known as the Theta or Delta brain wave states, to receive guidance, healing, and communicate with spirit for a very, very long time. This is a a session where you can align more closely with your life path, meet your higher self/spirit guides, and receive spiritual and energetic healing/alignment.

1 Hour | $125

Integrative Healing Sessions

Integrative healing sessions use a blend of methods to achieve your session goal. When one is combined with the other, these sessions can create a powerful experience with the intended outcome of balance and transformation.

Options for Integrative Healing Sessions:


Shamanic Journey

Shamanic Energy Healing

Cord Cutting/Attachment Release

Intuitive Card Reading

Sound and Intention Therapy

2 Hour Session | Choose two modalities | $222

3 Hour Session | Choose three modalities | $333

If you are having trouble with knowing what modalities would be right for you, please reach out to Myia!

Past Life Regression

90 minutes to 2 hours | $222

Requires a completed intake form and consultation with the practitioner, Myia Spiroff.