Solar Plexus - Reiki and Guided Imagery
Fri, Sep 18 | Goodyear, AZ

Solar Plexus - Reiki and Guided Imagery

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Time & Location

Sep 18, 2020, 7:00 PM – 8:30 PM
Goodyear, AZ

About the Event

We grow in utero from the Root to Crown. When our little bodies are ready we are born into our roots, our family, and as we begin to mature and grow we move up the chakra ladder to our 2nd main energy center, our Sacral chakra. The Sacral is where our relationships sit with mother, father, siblings, peers etc. Around puberty is when we are to expand our Solar Plexus and start to come into our power of individuality. Yes, parents, siblings, and early peers sit in the Sacral, but because these people are your primary roommates when you begin your “coming into the Solar Plexus” journey, they tend to play quite a big role in this yellow area of confidence. Many get stuck at a young age, giving their power away to follow what is expected rather than climbing the ladder from Solar to Heart and into True Form. Struggling well into adulthood, looking to break free, and grow up the ladder into the Heart is not uncommon. People get so hell-bent on what others think, well, it can become quite consuming.

A great example of Solar Plexus instability is spread all over today’s media, social, and what have you, about COVID, BLM, the November election. Stubbornness likes the Solar Plexus, and so does defeat and it’s very easy to see as people overstep the Solar Plexus to push ideas down the throats of Others while Others can’t step into their power enough to follow what’s right for them and their families.

The Solar Plexus is like a battery charger, charges the energy system. Our diaphragm sits in this space for a reason. Your breath is life. Without breath, oxygen, you become weaker and weaker. The energy aspect of this area is no different. If the Solar Plexus is diminished, so is the rest of your energy centers, along with your physical being. There are theories that all disease begins in your Solar Plexus. For those who are more of a physical thinker, you may have heard that all disease begins in the gut. Well, yes, the Solar Plexus. Bring the thought up a little out of the lower centers and into your 3rd Eye, the pineal, the All-Knowing. You know it to be true. When you are not in your power dis-ease begins to settle in. Inhale and step into your power. Bring the breath up into your Heart chakra, your True Form. Feed your Heart with the yellow power of the Solar Plexus. Stop being afraid to express yourself. Or, maybe the flip side, and stop trying to convince everyone you're right. Maybe you need to ice your Solar Plexus and shut your mouth. Cool the anger and the embattled right side of this energy center. Allow people to be who they are without taking it personally that Others are different instead of taking advantage of people’s embattled right side of the Solar Plexus which is powerlessness.

Because this area physically is the ruler of the liver, spleen, kidneys, adrenals, gallbladder, pancreas, stomach, it’s easy to know if you are squashing this center in any way. Gut feelings not followed create dis-ease in your gut, spreading like cancer throughout the physical system. It doesn’t matter the diet you pick. Diet is a bandaid. Time to rip off the bandaid and allow true healing to begin.

Come and breathe into your Solar Plexus on September 18th at our Solar Plexus - Reiki and Guided Imagery class. Nourish your yellow center with pure energy while you build confidence and power to send up to your Heart.

Registration is REQUIRED. Space is limited. Click the link and reserve your spot today!

Registration is REQUIRED to take part in the class. Due to Covid-19, we are only allowing a limited number of 8 participants. Once registered, you will receive an email with our exact private location's address in Goodyear, AZ. Feel free to bring your own pillows and blankets (mats for each person and clean, prewashed pillows/blankets will be provided).

Feel free to contact us to be put on our waitlist. Even when sold out we end up with extra room!

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