Root Chakra - Reiki, Frequency Healing, & Guided Imagery
Fri, Jul 10 | Goodyear, AZ

Root Chakra - Reiki, Frequency Healing, & Guided Imagery

"Feeling Rooted in a Good Way"
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Time & Location

Jul 10, 2020, 7:00 PM – 8:30 PM
Goodyear, AZ

About the Event

This class consists of 60 minutes of Reiki energy healing, frequency healing using tuning forks, and a guided imagery meditative journey designed to reprogram thought and emotion patterns, relaxing the body/mind into an optimal state of healing and receiving energy/insights. 

The Root chakra is at the tip of your tailbone. Just imagine a beautiful red spinning ball of energy about as big as your fist. They say different chakras govern different areas and this particular little red swirly swirl of red energy governs physically the feet, legs, pelvic, hip joints, tailbone… and relates to your roots - your tribe, home life, security, right livelihood, rootedness, groundedness as well as deep sadness, lost desires, doing/not doing…

So, where are you in your Root? Do a quick check-in and then decide if our July class would be a good fit for you:) and not just the regular issues of family stuff and where you come from but the doing aspect…are you a busy body that has a hard time stopping your body or stopping your brain? Busy doing things you don’t want to do and feel stuck so you keep doing? Do you feel like you have things you want to do (Clean out the closets? Go on a hike?? Start a new business??) and never seem to be able to get off the couch and do those sought after desires regardless of the size of desire? Releasing and energizing the Root can help with all of those things:)

Register NOW! During this class you will experience a journey designed to open your Root Chakra, stir and clear stagnant energy in the area, and re-energize not just the Root chakra, but your entire body and life force. Let’s put you on/off the couch and towards a freedom of doing/not doing - whatever you balancing needs are.

Registration is REQUIRED to take part in the class, so if you would like to join you will want to claim your spot. Once registered, you will receive an email with our exact private location's address in Goodyear, AZ. Feel free to bring your own pillows and blankets(mats for each person and some pillows/blankets will be provided).

Feel free to contact us to be put on our waitlist. Even when sold out we end up with extra room!

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