Relieve Stress & Anxiety - Reiki, Frequency Healing, & Guided Imagery
Sun, Aug 09 | Goodyear, AZ

Relieve Stress & Anxiety - Reiki, Frequency Healing, & Guided Imagery

"Reduce the Stress and Squash the Anxiety"
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Time & Location

Aug 09, 2020, 1:00 PM – 2:30 PM
Goodyear, AZ

About the Event

This class consists of 60 minutes of Reiki energy healing, frequency healing using tuning forks, and a guided imagery meditative journey designed to re-program thought and emotion patterns, relaxing the body/mind into an optimal state of healing and receiving energy/insights. 

If you’ve just about had enough, but not to the point of being able to shake whatever the heck is going on in the/your/our world today then this is absolutely the class for you. Stress, tension, anxiety is so thick world-wide right now you can slice it with a knife. It is so important to “bring it down a notch”. People running around or squatting in their homes, afraid of getting sick, afraid of the economy, afraid of politics, afraid of their future, afraid of looking like they don’t care or are selfish, afraid of grandma or loved ones getting sick, etc. etc… What’s the repeating word here? Our lives have been revolving around Fear lately. If COVID doesn’t get you, it still will “get” you. Having fear of death from a virus, fear of losing your income, fear of being called out a racist, fear of the unknown… Fear destroys the immune system, period! Eat organic all you want, take your vitamins, if you have anxiety blasting through your system, stress filling your veins, it WILL at some point take its toll.

Our August 9th class is specifically designed to dissolve the stress, balance out your energy system and leave you in a state of being able to go about without the weight of the world and all its inhabitants resting on your shoulders. With your openness, Reiki Frequency Healing with Guided Imagery will better your breath, calm your mind, and bring you back to where your true form, the true YOU wishes to be, with peace in your mind and love in your heart.

Can’t wait til August 9th? Reach out to us directly for a one-on-one session today and let’s start working on getting you out of the fight-or-flight mode.

During this class you will experience a meditative journey through energy healing and guided imagery, tapping into your whole system with the subconscious/superconscious mind, stirring and clearing stagnant energy, and re-energizing your entire body and life force. 

Register now, for registration is required and space is limited!

Once registered, you will receive an email with our exact private location's address in Goodyear, AZ. Feel free to bring your own pillows and blankets(mats for each person and some pillows/blankets will be provided).

Feel free to contact us to be put on our waitlist. Even when sold out we end up with extra room!

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