Learn to Heal Self and Others

Vibrational Energy Healing Reiki Certification Program


Be your own healer - learn energy healing for self, others, and everyday life.

About The Program


Reiki means "universal life force", and is the practice of tapping in to the energies of the universe around us for balance, and for better health of mind, body, and spirit. In this program you will become attuned to the Reiki symbols, and be able to attune others to Reiki. You will also learn how to clear stagnated or blocked energies affecting the mental, physical, and emotional bodies, and learn how to draw in and use the frequencies that are needed most by utilizing thought, feeling, sound, and intention. Reiki Master Teachers Jennifer and Myia lead this Energy Healing program using a blend of ancient techniques and teachings alongside modern scientific knowledge on energy, frequency, and thought. This gives a unique experience and a broader understanding of energy healing as a whole.

Why become a Reiki Master?

  • Heal, re-balance, and recharge yourself, friends, family members, and clients - physically, mentally, and emotionally - through past events, the present moment, and future trajectories.

  • Learn tools to lead a more balanced, conscious, and intentional life

  • Become more more connected to your "higher self", the Universe, purpose, and possibility

Reiki Master Teacher Full Certification Program

  • Learn the energy system, grounding, and breath work

  • Be attuned to all of the Reiki symbols

  • Learn to attune others

  • Learn how to heal from a distance

  • Learn sound/frequency

  • healing

  • Become proficient in using energy healing throughout daily life.

Classes can be paid for as you go, on a payment plan, OR get 10% off $1,827 when paid in full. If you pay in full and are a licensed massage therapist, add elective Integrating Massage and Reiki and receive 10% off on that as well. Payment plants are available - contact us for more information on how to get started, OR pay for classes as you go by following the links to the workshops below.

Pay as You Go - register and pay for classes individually - scroll down to see individual workshops.

Certification Packages


We offer our courses in blocks for 5% off the total cost, for those who have previous Reiki certification or for those who would like to pay in segments. For Licensed Massage Therapists, you can add the electivIntegrating Massage and Reiki and receive 5% off of that as well.

Block 1: Fundamentals of Energy Healing, Reiki I, and Reiki II

Block 2: Energy Healing - Sound, Vibrations, and Frequency, Reiki III, and Reiki Master Teacher

The Workshops

Click on the dates to learn more about a course and to register.


Fundamentals of Energy Healing

An introduction to Energy Healing. Learn the fundamentals of moving energy before the Reiki symbols are introduced.

1 day, 9am-5pm: Saturday, August 8th Saturday, November 14th

Click here to register for/purchase the full weekend(Fundamentals and Reiki I together)


Reiki I - Reiki Initiation

This class is an individual’s initiation to Reiki - receive the first Reiki symbols. Fundamentals of Energy Healing course required.

1 day, 9am-5pm: Sunday, November 15th

Click here to register for/purchase the full weekend(Fundamentals and Reiki I together)


Reiki II - Diving Deeper

Learn and be attuned to the Reiki II symbols. Practitioner level - take your knowledge to others. 

2 days, 9am-5pm: Sat-Sun, December 12th-13th


Energy Healing - Sound, Vibrations, and Frequency

Energy healing in the form of chanting, singing bowls, frequency channeling, and tuning forks.

2 days, 9am-5pm: Sat-Sun, January 23rd-24th


Reiki Master III

Receive your Master symbol along with a few others in this 2-day workshop of Reiki III and Beyond

2 days, 9am-5pm: Sat-Sun, February 6th-7th


Reiki Master Teacher - Final Initiation

In this final 1 day workshop you will be attuned to all the Reiki symbols you have learned as well as practice attunements on one another.

1 day, 9am-5pm: Saturday, February 20th


Elective - Integrating Massage and Reiki

Must be a Liscenced Massage Therapist - Level II Reiki Certification Required

Two 4-hour one-on-one mentorship sessions with Jennifer. Normally $440. Contact us to schedule/register for sessions.