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Intuitive Readings

Intuitive Readings

Intuitive readings using a variety or oracle and tarot cards, and tapping into the energies surrounding you. These intuitive readings bring clarification and give guidance towards healing and understanding by picking up information woven into the energy fields. These readings serve as reminders of what you already know, and verification of your own experience. They are meant to bring advice and guidance for you towards creating balance in any area of your life. We are always in control of how we are manifesting our experience of life. Readings are simply a tool for delving into the workings of those manifestations and gaining new perspective.

Topic/Question Examples:

Year Ahead

Love and Relationships

Life Purpose

Money and Career

Guidance from the Universe

Guidance from Ancestors

Past Lives

In-person or Video Session

Ask a question - 30 Minutes - $50

Full Reading  - 1 Hour - $100

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