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Learn Energy Healing
On-on-One Certifications

"Be your own healer."

Learn energy healing through intimate, hands-on workshops with you as the sole student. We teach ancient and universal techniques for healing self and others alongside modern scientific understandings of healing.

Classes are generally broken into 3 to 4-hour blocks of master-to-student instruction including a personal session and practice using techniques. Consecutive full days, full weekends, etc. can be considered per student and teacher personal schedule.  

Energy Healing Series

  1. Intro to Energy Healing | 4 hrs - $400 The basic steps. Learn to feel and channel energy. This is a great beginner class showing how we are all healers and how easy it truly is to move and feel energy.

  2. Reiki I Certification- Using the first symbols | 6 hrs - $600 This class introduces the first symbols of Reiki learning, Attunements to the symbols as well as practice channeling Reiki energy.

  3. Reiki II Certification- Diving further | 6hrs - $600 More attunements to Reiki symbols and understanding their meanings. Hands-on practice.

  4. Stepping out of the Reiki box and into the realm of frequency | 6 hrs -$600 Working with many different frequencies including tuning forks and angels. 

  5. Reiki Master III Certification| 12 hrs - $1200 Master Reiki symbol, meanings, hands-on practice of all that has been learned to this point.

  6. Reiki Master Teacher Certification| 4 hrs - $400 Final attunements. Practice attuning. 

Total cost of entire program - $3800

Pay in full and save! Pay in full 15% off - $3230

Massage Therapy Energy Healing

For any certified massage therapist looking to combine Energy Healing into their practice, you may add the following classes to your certification.

   7. Massage therapy with energy healing | 9 hours  - $900​


Total Massage Therapist Energy Healing Cost - $4700

Massage Therapist pay in full 15% off - $3995

For any massage therapist who already has a Reiki ll or above and would like to just have guidance implementing your energy touch with your massage training, that can be arranged! We do require Step 4. Stepping out of the Reiki box and into the realm of frequency along with then Step 7. Massage therapy with energy healing. 

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