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Hypnotherapy & Integrative Healing

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The Subconscious

Our subconscious, or what we are not consciously aware of, constitutes 90% of our makeup, and is always taking in information - even while we sleep. The subconscious is the part of us, and our brains, that keeps our hearts beating, our lungs breathing, and is our fight-or-flight response and our diligent record-keeper. It is where all of our memories and perceptions are kept, and where all of our potential as human beings lies. Recommended reading - Becoming Supernatural  by Dr. Joe Dispenza.


Hypnotherapy is a highly relaxing experience, focusing the body and mind so that the subconscious is able to be explored and communicated with. It has been likened to deep states of meditation and lucid dreaming - states where our neuropathways (the patterns formed in our brains) are able to be rewired and our bodies begin to repair themselves. If you are able to imagine or envision easily, hypnotherapy will come easily for you, but anyone can benefit from hypnotherapy as it can be adjusted to your dominant style of sensory input. Through sessions, we will work to reconnect you to your own self-knowledge and intuition, and create the environment needed for mental, emotional, and physical healing. Our methods help you to let go of the barriers to your inner self and dream a new dream.

Examples of things hypnotherapy can work with (just a few):

stress and insomnia




habit or lifestyle change

anxiety & depression

chronic pain or illness

fears and phobias

connection to guides, ancestors, loved ones, higher/truer self

life path and purpose

creating the life you imagine

energetic alignment and cleansing

recurring dreams


unresolved emotions

Integrative Healing

Integrative healing sessions use methods of hypnotherapy in addition to energy healing, Shamanic Reiki, sound healing, intuitive readings, and more. When combined with other methods, these sessions can create a powerful experience of intuitive transformation - or a natural balancing of our state of being.




General Session - 60 Minutes | In-Person or Video Session $100

Integrative Healing Sessions

Hypnotherapy & Energy Healing

Shamanic/Usui Reiki and sound healing | 90 minutes - $150

Hypnotherapy & Intuitive Reading

A reading of the energies with guidance and advice | 90 minutes - $150

Shamanic Journey Session

For aligning with life path, meeting spirit guides, or integrating the shadow self. Includes Energy Healing and/or Intuitive Reading, depending on what is needed | 90 minutes - $150


Hypnotherapy or Shamanic Journey, Energy Healing, & Reading | 2 hours - $175

Past Life Regression

In-person only | 90 minutes to 2 hours - $175

Requires a consultation with the practitioner and a previous hypnotherapy session.

Due to the deep state and unique nature of these sessions, past life sessions are offered in-person only.


Three 60 Minute Sessions - 15% off | $255

Three 90 Minute Sessions - 15% off | $380

Three 2 Hour Sessions - 15% off | $445

Or make your own package - any three sessions 15% off

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