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Energy Medicine

Reiki is a Japanese form of healing, and translates to "universal life force energy", or the energy that is within and all around us.


During energy healing sessions we utilize our many years of experience in energy healing, and use a blend of Usui, Shamanic, and Transformational Reiki, in addition to vibrational sound healing(sound bowls, frequency music and/or tuning forks). Sessions are created so that the body, mind, and vital energy is guided towards optimum health.

During your session, your energy will be assessed with an approach that acknowledges your life experiences; how the body, mind, and spirit are currently reacting, and shifting energy patterns towards the naturally balanced state. We help our clients re-establish their connection to the earth, the self, and the universe in order to spark their own inner healing process and create balance and self-awareness.

Single Sessions

Energy Healing | 1 Hour (In-Person or Distant: receive from anywhere) | $100

Energy Healing | 90-120 Minutes (In-Person or Distant: receive from anywhere) | $150

Energy Healing with Massage Therapy | 90-120 Minutes In-person | $150

Energy Healing with Intuitive Card Reading | 2 Hours | $175



Energy Healing (In-Person or Distant Sessions) | Package of Three 1 Hour Sessions | $255

Energy Healing & Massage | Package of Three 90-120 Minute In-Person Sessions | $380

Half-Day Healing Sessions

These specialized sessions take place distantly. Once paid for, the session begins with a roughly 30 minute - 1 hour phone call for gaining a sense of your current concerns, history, and the intention/outcome that is desired for the work. This is a half-day energy healing (total session time after consultation is about 3 1/2 - 4 hours plus a 30-minute break), and usually takes place beginning in the morning and working through the early afternoon.


It is recommended that if you have not worked with us before that you receive at least one other energy healing session in preparation for the energy work in this half-day healing.


To get an idea of the session: On the day of the healing, we will begin with a guided meditation/yoga nidra, where you will be asked to simply focus on different parts of the body as the energy centers are opened. This is highly relaxing and effective at bringing the body into a state of full natural healing. From here, the personalized energy work begins, in which we will work on shifting any blockages found in the energy field and bringing in the energy that is needed most for you at this time. This section lasts for about 2 hours. We will then take a 30 minute break where you will be able to collect your thoughts, write down your experience and go to the bathroom if needed. The final section of energy work is completed with a guided grounding, sealing, and protecting of your energy, and the session is finished with a discussion to help integrate the experience and create a plan for you moving forward in your day-to-day life through your healing journey. If you choose, there is also an option for an Intuitive Card Reading at this point, which can help to bring in some clear advice for working moving forward.

Half-day Total Energy Healing Session - $375/$450 with Card Reading

Package of Three  | $950/$1150 with Card Readings

Reiki for Pets

Animals are very receptive to energy work. Please feel free to contact us about pricing for pet-only visits and larger animals. The prices shown here are for distant energy work or when combined with another in-person session.

30 Minute Distant Pet Reiki | $50

Package of 3 Distant Pet Reiki | $125

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